Women's Freedom Ride 2017

Supporting and Encouraging Women Riders While Honoring Our Veterans


The Women's Freedom Ride is is an amazing, all female, cross country motorcycle ride, supporting, encouraging, and raising awareness of women riders. We are also firm believers in supporting those that have done so much for us, our countries Veterans. Each year we select a charity, that supports Veterans, and 100% of the donations we raise, will be given to that charity.


On our first cross country ride, the donations we raised were able to provide a track wheelchair for a quadruple amputee Combat Veteran. On our last ride, across this amazing country, we raised donations for the Military Warriors Support Foundation Org, and working with them and their banking partners, assisted in their providing a female Combat Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, with a mortgage free home.

This year, our chosen charity is the Patriot Rovers. Patriot Rovers is a 501c3 organization that trains and provides service dogs for Veterans. These amazing animals provide assistance with everyday activities, from getting help, turning lights off and on, opening doors, dressing, retrieving, and all standard service dog tasks. There are also Psychiatric Service Dog tasks that include medical alert and response, stabilizing, calming, waking, initiating activity, and the creation of personal space. 


But one of the most wonderful things these dogs provide, is unconditional love and companionship.


We hope that you too, believe in our countries deserving Veterans, and will consider donating to this very worthwhile cause.



Use this link to donate to the Women's Freedom Ride Charity

Or mail your tax deductible donation to :

Women's Freedom Ride

P.O. Box 42172

North Charleston, S.C.







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